Thursday, June 2, 2011

When we had glee I was nervous but miss m said just stand up and look at the exit and show off.
so we went to get Chang and we had to line up in to our group.after we had to do it but we had time to have a rest and then we had to get to our dance line I was so nervous to dance but I just
stood up and smiled to to pt England school. but I was tyring not to smile at pt England school
but I just had to smile at pt England . and miss m was doing a pray for pt England and Athena
had to do it to I think she was scared to do it but she was good at doing it. after we done our glee
dance we got to do our other dance to our glee and we had to do our rape for pt England and when we were singing the rape I felt like my vice was low like nothing . after that it was finished then we went out to the music room to say our pray and that but miss m was so happy and said that it was so cool and I hope that we wasn't nervous up the stage and in front of pt England. later it was lunch time and people said that glee dance was cool and we were happy and happy but when Thai said that I was laughing at my self because I fault that that was so funny the glee dance . but Thai said it was so cool.after lunch we had to go to miss m and we had to get a ice block. I was happy and all of glee was happy to. after school I was so existed because miss m
said we were so good at dancing and doing the rape . this morning we went to miss m but early in the morning we had to be at school but it was so early that I wanted to go sleep but we were having chips and having a worm drink. that was so cool doing our dance in front of pt England. I hope that was cool who ever was watching glee and I hope that it wasn't boring and I hope it was cool but it was not boring the glee Mr Burt said that was so cool glee people how ever was in it in front of pt England school. that was so cool said my friend realeen and Hayley and she was happy to see the glee dance and I felt so happy to and me my friend’s in glee and how wasn't in glee went to have lunch in the hall with all the glee.

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