Friday, September 2, 2011


Lorene and Donna were the badminton people. Lorene and Donna showed room 14 how to hold the racket and they told us how to serve the shuttle. 

Soon room 14 went to get a racket and a shuttle.  Donna and Lorene told room 14 to stand anywhere we liked. Soon we served our shuttles in the air. We had to keep the shuttle airborne. I felt like I was having a competition with my class room .I felt like I was really at badminton having a real competition with my class room and I shouted out loud, "Yes I won!!!."

Later on we played a rotating game with Lorene. Room 14 had to go in a line and get a shuttle then Lorene had to get a shuttle and some short and long rackets .We started in a line then Lorene had to hit the shuttle to the person who is in the front of the line. When Lorene hit the shuttle we had to hit the shuttle back to her and then run to the back of the line.

After that we had to get 5 shuttles and step 5 feet back from the shuttle filled bin. We had to hit the shuttle into the shuttle filled bin. When we had finished hitting all of our shuttles room14 had to wait till
everyone's shuttles were finished .

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