Wednesday, September 28, 2011

humpack whale

As they were approaching the whale, Michal thought the whale was close to death. But suddenly it forcefully exhaled, showing it was still alive.

The whale was tangled in a gill net. It was frightened and fatigued because she was unable to untangle herself. But even on the brink of death she was still potentially dangerous.

Michael decided to go swimming in the ocean to cut the gill net to let the whale go free. As they were cutting the net the whale was moving because
she wanted to be free . So Michal was moving the boat with his paddle. Then they where cutting throw the net .

When they went to cut the net the whale was up side down because it was trying to move around it was gasping for breath . She blowed because she had to.
After the whale was untangled the whale showed Michal and his family joy .She was doing 40 breaches ,and tail slaps and put on a magnificent display. The whale got to live happily ever After .It really showed Michal and his family that the whale was really grateful for them being there to help.

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