Thursday, March 1, 2012


As I was going to class i had to get my bag and go line up out side because we were having picnic at pt England schools reserve with all the pt England girls,boys even teachers and adulates. When we got to the reserve Mr Burt was telling us about rules and other kids  stuff so we can be safe and be careful where we are going .

After he was Finish talking to us we all went with our teacher and we   had to put our bag on the ground with the others .Later on we went to the beach and played with the sand and we were putting our feet in the water it was nice and cold and it was sonny the sun was shinning on to me .

Their were kids that were playing with the sand and making a sand castle with some cups that they found and I saw this cool as thing I saw the teachers making a cool as Mermaid and they put some shells on the  Mermaid and it looked like a real girl Mermaid.As the teachers were Finished the girls and boys were looking at it and they said "it  is so cool .

Mr Burt put music on boys and girls were dancing and some where convoy of chaotic crazy children were running around and dancing because they were excited and they had karaoke and my friend sisilia and Efilona was singing and then they went off the stage because they were scared and they were laughing after they went off the stage but the song was cool because that was my favorite song.

After that I went to find my Friends and they were at the beach putting their feet in the water .I went down the step and I went to the water with my sister she was happy and she went with us too .We all went under the steps to talk with my friends as we went under the steps we were talking about H20 it was cool.

Soon we all went to the beach and we were looking with some shells really cool shells my friend keis found a shell that no one has seen it looked like a  Maori shell but more cooler .
My friend ask every one if they have seen this shell and they said “ no where did you find this shell
kies said” I found it  in the beach and I think it is a shell that no on has ever seen .

Later on I went to get an fruit from the box because I was hungry for fruit and I was thirsty for  a drink .As I was thirsty I asked my Nana for a drink and she gave me this Ginger drink and it was yuk but I still drank it all .Heps of people were swimming in the beach and this teacher went to get the ball that was going far but not far away  and the teacher went to get it and he was be tending to sink all the way on the ground but he went back up he got the ball and he went out of the beach .

LATER! on we had to pack up and we had to get our bag line up in to our line and we had to set down on the ground then Mr Burt came had to talk to us about your parents he said” if we are going with your parents or your Nana or anyone we have to watch out if  your Nana or any of your parents leave then you will have to walk home by your self.


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