Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cyclone Lusi

Cyclone brainstorm:
Tornado, Windy, Floody, Heavy rain, Dark/Cloudy, Cold, House busted down, people die, power cuts, Storm Lightning, gale force wind, huge waves, falling trees, Buildings busting down, people flying and mudslides.

1: What is a cyclone?
2: Explain what happens during a cyclone.
3: What was the weather like in the weekend?
4: How can people prepare for a cyclone? (e.g. how to keep safe )

Paragraph 1:  A cyclone is a windy dark and cloudy kind of thing. House busted down when a tornado comes. It also can make people die and there can be power cuts anytime. There are always falling trees also storm lighting. Heavy rain comes and it gets flooded.

Paragraph 2: What happens in a cyclone is that there are people flying in to the air people dieing because there are tornados trees falling on peoples houses and buildings.

Paragraph 3: The weather in the weekend was windy rainy but it wasn't that heavy like it was supposed to be in a cyclone. Leaves on the tree fall down when heavy rain comes and pushes it down from the tree.

Paragraph 4: People need to get lots of food and water so they can keep safe when there is a cyclone. They have to use that food and water to keep them and other people safe.
pARAGRAPH 5: During a cyclone I would same my family friends and also the animals. I would run for my life with all my families and friends. A cyclone is really windy and stormy thats why I would rather same my family friends and animals instead of running for my life by myself.

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  1. Hi Sarona,

    I'm Mary Alice, a 1st grade teacher from Mobile, Alabama and a student in EDM510 at the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed visiting your blog! It's quite impressive! Do you feel like you've gotten better with each year when it comes to blogging? I see you've done this for a few years now.

    I like your post about cyclones. Where I live, we have hurricanes that threaten our homes. We pray for safety from storms and hurricanes after daily mass even! It's a big deal. We have several days notice, thanks to technology and good weather reporting, so we aren't caught unprepared; but it can still be a scary thing! Homes can be destroyed and lives lost during these storms. It's a danger that comes with living near the coast. Still, I love it here!

    Here is a link to the EDM510 class blog, and, is my own personal blog. Visit and comment there as well if you'd like!

    Have a great day!
    Mary Alice


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