Monday, March 31, 2014

Fia Fia

                      Fia Fia

Paragraph 1: On Thursday I went to the street for hip hop. I went to sit down so when the teacher comes I am all sorted and ready. I saw my friends and I told them to sit next to me.

Paragraph 2: As the teacher was walking into the street we all sat up and waited until Miss King came into the street too. She came and she said” Good after noon year 7’s and 8’s.

Paragraph 3: We had to get up and go into our four lines that we were in before. I was in the front line with some year 8’s and 7’s. I was excited about doing the performance in front of audiences when Fia Fia comes on.

Paragraph 4: We all danced with the music on and we knew it off by heart. We were all happy when we learnt the dance and we all got it right.

Paragraph 5: After that we had to go because it was nearly time to go home. My favorite part was the minion part to the song happy and also seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they danced.   

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