Friday, March 28, 2014

Sports at Tamaki College

Sports At Tamaki College

Planning Writing:
-WHere was this Held: Located in Glen Innes/ Tamaki Feld
-WHat were we Playing: Rats and Rabbits/ Trust FALL.
-Who was in our group: Sarona, Gianna, Martha, Levi, Jaden, Korobeau, Jabez and Frankie.
- What happened next?

Paragraph 1: On Friday 21ST 2014. I Went to Tamaki  College with all the year 7’s and year 8’s. We had lined up into two lines Boys and girls. As we got there we sat  down on the grass and we had to listen to the teacher that is talking.

Paragraph 2: We had got put Into groups. The people who were in my group was Martha, Gianna, Jabez, Frankie, Levi, Jaden and  KoroBeau . We just had a little chat and see what we were playing.

Paragraph 3: What we were playing is trust fall. What trust fall IS People have to go into a line but they have to be facing their partners Then a boy has to Go on top of the table and they have to fall. SOme people took long Like Martha, Jaden and me but then me and Jaden fell.

Paragraph4: After that we played Rats and Rabbits. Rats and rabbits is like if the person who is the boss then if she says rats the rats have to run away from the rabbits and if she calls out rabbits then the rabbits have to run away and the rats have to chase after them.
Paragraph 5: I was really scared because I kept on looking on the ground and They cheered me up, then I fell Straight down properly but Martha Did not because she was moving to much because she was scared as well.

Paragraph 6:  At last we had a drink and then we had to go back and say goodbye to them. It was really cool everytime we go Tamaki college. We go there so we could get out of learning and so we could spend time with the Tamaki college Students.

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