Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fia Fia

P1: Every Thursday I go to Fia Fia Practice in the Street with all My friends and all the Hip-Hop people. We listen to the song that we are going to dance and we put some new dance moves in. The song has to have feelings in it. It has got good words about feelings.

P2: What we do is we listen to the song and we Practice and Practice our moves until we get it right. It is actually fun but some of us where really tired because they weren’t trying hard.

p3: Hip-Hop is really cool and all the people are awesome. My friends and I look carefully at our leaders so we can get the moves right and we can learn it fast. It makes me feel really good about dancing in front of everyone when I’m shy.

P4: Fia Fia is really cool because you can go up the stage and show the audience you're dance moves you have learned over the past few days. I am so excited about Fia Fia because everyone will be happy about there kids Performance.   


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