Friday, February 14, 2014

About Assembly


P1:On Friday 14th february we had Assembly. We had lined up in two lines Girls and Boys. As we walked to the hall for Assembly I saw the hip hop Girls and Boys I knew that they were going to perform something cool. We sat down and there was a video on the screen of The hip hop people dancing on a mountain and it was really amazing. Then the hip hop People came out and they went onto the stage. They were dancing for us and the students after that everyone was cheering for them and they went off the stage.

P2:After that I saw Ms muliaumasealii and jacob with some big shell in his hand. He bloud it and it made a cool and loud sound then I looked up on the stage and saw four ladies with a white dress and flowers. Ms muliaumasealii screamed” cheehoo because it was samoan ladies performing for pt england so they can show us some dance moves for Fia Fia. They have done a Awesome dance like the hip hop. As the samoan ladies performed to us I actually felt like dancing to because I’m samoan too. They were making us feel not shy when we are up on the stage on Fia Fia.

P3:Later on All the captains for pt england had to come on the stage so they could get there badge. The assembly had finished I needed to stretch I was so tired. So we went to class with Ms langitupu our Teacher.

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