Thursday, February 20, 2014

Net book reflection 2014

Brainstorming some Ideas:
parts: Camera, Speakers, Mouse, Headphones, usb ports, Charger cables, Screen, Battery, keyboard and  On and off buttons.  

What is it? Learning Tool, Device, technology electronic,  Laptop computer, Netbook and its a portable.

Who uses it? Students, Teachers, Companies, Parents, People, Manaiakalani Schools and Tamaki college.

where we find it? Miss telea, Netbook cupboards, Netbook bags, Home, desk and dicksmith.

What is a Netbook and how do we use it?
P1: Well a netbook is like a laptop but small and the keyboard is stuck together. We do all sorts of stuff on netbooks and it helps us to learn and write more stuff. It also is a learning tool for students upto year 5 and Year 9.

How we use It?
P2: It is used for learning and we go on math whizz, Studyladder and Xtramath for maths time. We also research stuff on Google when we don’t understand a word and we use google for pictures when we need something for our writing.

Explanation Writing Checklist:
1) Does it have a title?
2) Have you described what it is? (Definition)
3) Have you described the parts? (Description)
4) Have you described how it works? (operation)
5) Have you included details and interesting topic words?
6) Have you used sequencing words Like......first,Then,Next!.......

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