Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Duffy theatre

Duffy theatre:
p1:On Monday tenth February 2014 I went to the duffy theatre with my class room and the other students. We had to line up to two lines girls and boys. As we headed to the hall I sat next to my friends chloe, martha and Helen in My class. When all the other students came to set down it began to start a man in a cape with his favorite book covers.

P2: He was holding his favorite book about the best colour’s and he was reading it fast to all of the students. Then a young girl named rosie came and said hi bob and bob said what were you doing?.

p3:Rosie said really fast I was at the back of your letter box. Bob said” Why were you at the back of my letter box and Rosie said to the little students should we sing a song and Bob said” rosie why were you at the back of my letter box and bob said” Were you just at the back of my letter box because you were stalking uncle rob aye.

p4:Rosie said” yes i was and then rosie said to the students should we sing a song and we said” YES. Bob said” who knows the duffy song? All of the little students said yes. Then we all sang the duffy song. After we we had finished singing. Bob was telling a story about uncle rob who was a rugby player and he had a samoan tattoo. He came in and he was talking on his phone with lady gaga. Then he was talking to rihanna, Magic, Jason derulo, Amy winehouse and justin bieber.
P5: Uncle Rob went to Melbourne in australia for the final grand. He had a present from rosie he had opened it and it was about bellae because rosie like doing bellae. Bob looked at all the pictures and he said” OOOOOOOOOO because he liked all the bella’s pictures.

p6:Later on it was the final grand for rob he had the ball and he was dancing like a bella girl and he got a try the students were cheering happily.

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