Friday, February 21, 2014

About Bible Study

P1:On Wednesday 12th February 2014. I went to Mr Burt and Mrs Burts House for Bible Study. We went there at 7:35 And we Finished at 8:00. There were Nine people that went to Mr Burt's House There names are Levi, Korobeau, Nathaniel, Anna, Ane, Sisilia, Sesalina, Seta, And Howard. We were learning about ruth and we done Questions about her and what happened.

P2:After that We had to scroll down on our Netbooks and we Had to answer some Questions and Put some Answers in the Missing Box. Later On We all had to do a Pray About something but we had to have time to think about what we were going to pray about Mr Burt went first and then it followed on to the Line each of Us had to pray about something.

P3:Also we were eating outside It was a beautiful and wonderful place. What I like the most about Bible Study is going there and having fun with everyone.

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