Friday, February 28, 2014

Thank you letter to Miss Erick

Monday 24th February 2014

Dear Miss Erick

I would like to thank you for coming to the school picnic with us. If you would not of come we wouldn't have gone to the school picnic on Friday. It was really kind and helpful of you coming to the school picnic with us on Friday. Class 2 was very lucky and happy that you came to the school picnic. It was very important that you came on friday because we would of been sad and not very happy.

We went to the Hall in the morning so that we could see how much parents and helpers were here to help. We walked down to the beach and Team 1 were  swimming in the beach with their togs on team 2 went Team 3 Team 4 and then Team 5 . I had a fun time with my friends and Family.

My favorite part was hanging out with my friends and family on the beach and playing volleyball with them. Thank you very very much for coming to our school picnic.

Thank you


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