Friday, May 9, 2014

My holiday Writing

Paragraph 1: On saturday I went to bowling with my family. We went at 7:00 at night in a car. I had to wait with my little siblings and my big ones because my Mum had to go and pick up my other sisters.

Paragraph 2: So when we were waiting for my Mum we decided to wait inside because it was cold and my Mum was taking for long. As we went inside bowling I had forgot the snacks outside so I had to get it.

Paragraph 3: After that my Mum and that came inside and my brother came inside with the fizzy drink. I grabbed the drink off my brother and started to drink it because I was so thirsty for fizzy drink not water.

Paragraph 4: My Mum walked to the counter to pay for bowling so we could play. When she got there she payed and it was really to much but she still payed for us.

Paragraph 5: We went to find a seat to sit on and we had to go on the left where there was seats and thats where we were supposed to sit because our bowling names where there. I played until my seven turns were finished then I could go to the game area.

Paragraph 6: At last we were finished and we went to the bowling area where you could play bowling with your family. It was the most fun day I have had. Later we went to burger king to get our food and go back home to eat it was delicious and Yummy!!!.

The End

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