Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly
Term 1: Zoo, Safety equipment
Team 2: Flight, Airplanes, Thrust, drag, Gravity
Team 3: Light, Colours, Speed of light
Team 4: Floating & sinking, bouncing
Team 5: Physics: Sounds

Team 1: Team 1 had shown the whole assembly a video clip about going to the zoo. They showed us how to be safe at the zoo. So they had also shown us how to be safe with equipment at the zoo. Also they showed us how they protect Animals and everyone too.

Team 2: Team 2 had also shown us a Video clip about Airplanes. Miss She was a fairy who had magic. There had been three teachers who were Airplanes and acting like pilots. So there theme is about Flight, Airplanes, Thrust, Drag and Gravity.

Team 3: Team 3 showed us About colours and how they work. There were teachers who was dressed up in colours to show what they are telling us about. They had talked about what colours can do and also they told us how rainbows are made.

Team 4: Showed a video clip about what sinks and Floats. All of team 4 where dressed up in swimsuits and they told us about protecting ourselves when we are in the sea. They told us Questions about what can sink and float Number 1. What can Float. A a wood. B a Paperclip. C a Marball. Number 2. What would sink. A a Ball. B a stone. C A bowl.

Team 5: What they were doing was showing us sound and how they make sound without Music. So they had Played instruments that they can make sounds with. It was really Awesome how they put on a Video clip to also it was Funny.

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  1. Hi Sarona! This is a really good recount of this morning's Immersion Assembly. Through your writing you have shown that you are very observant and have a good memory too.

    What are some things that you can work on in your next piece of writing?
    One suggestion I have is to look at your use of capital letters. When do we use capital letters in our writing?


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