Friday, May 23, 2014


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Intro: It is so amazing that we have guitars and other instruments in New zealand and some other countries. Also its amazing that we have music that we all can listen to when we are bored.

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The guitar is a well known musical instrument that makes sound by the playing of it. If you concentrate on one instrument then you will know how to play it properly. When you want to know how to play the guitar and learn, you have to really focus on what that person is doing. Also you have to know how to strum and watch them put their  fingers on the right place.

A guitar is shaped like a pear so you could hear it more loudly and so you could hear echoing when you play. On the guitar if your right hand is strumming, then your left hand is holding the strings and changing it. This creates good melodies and harmonies.

When someone plays the guitar it makes a harmony and it vibrates inside whenever you strum the strings hard.The guitar makes sound waves through a series of string vibrations. Whenever you play a guitar it makes sound waves move to your ear drums and vibrates.

How does a guitar make sound? Well guitars are a pear shape they have this hole in the end of it so it can make a sound when they play it. The six strings are the ones that make beautiful harmonies and melodies. That’s how you can hear sound from a guitar.

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