Monday, May 26, 2014

My favourite experiment at science road show.

Explanation: what I am writing about is my favourite science experiment and what we done.

On friday morning class 2 and class 5 went to Tamaki College for science road show. We all had left to Tamaki College at 8:45 because we needed to go early so that we will not be late for the people who was setting it up for us.

When we got to Tamaki College we had to line up into two lines so we could go in there without all of us squashing into the door. So we lined up and we went inside Tamaki College it was full of science stuff i was so excited.

I sat in front with my friends where we could all see what they were doing. They were just talking about science stuff and also air that is around us.

After that we went to check all the science projects that were set up for us. My favourite thing in the science show was when the red balloon popped we had to block our air so that we wouldn't get deaf when we listened.

The balloon popped because they put fire on the paper that was attached to the balloon. It was the loudest balloon that popped.

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