Friday, November 28, 2014


Hook: Athletics is on today Nooo!


Paragraph 1: “Oh no as I said walking to school there is athletics today. When I got to school I saw all the athletics gear on the field. Children were jumping and playing with the gear.

Paragraph 2: As the bell rang to go to morning tea everyone got their bags so they could get change into their house colours. After everyone had played the second bell had rung to go class.

Paragraph 3:  Then we put all our things away and went down to the netball courts where we had to sit down and line in to our lines. It was getting really hot so I had a drink of water before we all do our activities.

Paragraph 4: Waiting and Waiting until we went to do our activities Miss V said” all the year 8’s and 7’s can go do their activities now. We hopped up and started to walk to our activities. First we went to Javelin with our Leaders. Mr Barks was the one who was doing Javelin for us.

Paragraph 5: He had to talk to us about safety rules and also instructions and then we started. When we people in front of us had a turn it looked really easy, but when it was my turn it was a little bit hard because I didn’t know how to hold it. So when we had another turn again I got used to it and I was really happy.

Paragraph 6: Then after we had tried all the other activities it we went to shotput and some other groups where just finishing their turns. Finally it was our turn I got ready to go up but I had to wait for long because people were a little scared to throw it.   

Paragraph 7: Later after all that we went to the courts so we could go class and get ready to go home. We all walked straightly in a line to the courts and sat down quietly. When everyone came and sat down Miss Va'afusuaga told us how amazing we were and told us that we are going to finish off some of our activities on monday Then we all finally went home.

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