Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Year 8 camp

P1: On the first day of year 8 camp we all went for a long walk and also hiking too. What we had done first is we had morning tea when we had got to the beach at Marsden bay.

P2: As we finished our morning tea we had to take our shoes and socks off because we were going to cross the river so we could get to the otherside.

P3: But first we had to line up and sit down so Miss Nua could tell us what to do so we could be safe walking across. So after she had finished talking to us we had to find a partner to come and cross the river with us.

P4:Each of us found a partner and I had my best friend Chloe. Getting inside the river was scary because I thought there would be fish swimming but the water as really clear to see. When Chloe and I put our feet inside the water it was really cold so I could tell that the water was fresh.

P5: Ahhhh I was chilled and relaxed when I got into the river. I thought it would be really cold for me but it wasn’t. It was chilly but good because it was a hot and sunny day.

P6: Finally we had made it to the other side of the river. Everyone of us had to put our shoes back on when we got to the other side. Walking up the hill into two lines was tiring because we had to wait for people who were on top of the hill.

P7: I had to stop lot’s of times to take a breath so I wouldn’t have to stop when people are at the back of me. All of us had to be careful because it was slippery when you go up some hills and down. Some places have holes but we had to be really really careful to not step inside them because you would be stuck all the way down and it would be really scary.

P8: It was getting really hot I couldn’t be bothered to walk any longer I just wanted to jump inside the deep cold water but it was too far and too long.

P9: Waiting and Waiting until we got to the end for a break. I looked all the way up to see what they were doing and they were going to do the hiking. I was scared that I was going to let go of the rope but I didn’t everyone had to do it but some went the harder way which rocks and sea where.

P10: Yeah! with excitement I shouted. We were at the end of walking I was exhausted as everyone else was too. Then later after that we walked all the way to the beach and then went to camp.  

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  1. Hi Sarona,

    I loved how you loved camp. Was it fun? Did you do activities that were lovely. And im glad that you had fun and thats good . Keep up your good work.


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