Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Tapa pattern

My Tapa Pattern.jpg
This is a Tapa pattern that I drew in my class for art. Everyone in my class room and Class 1 made one of these. We had to draw Samoan patterns on our brown paper bag.

A Tapa cloth comes from the Pacific and other countries like Tonga, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia and the Malaysian Islands of Fiji.

On my bag I have drew a Samoan Fern, Superman logo, flower and another flower on the otherside. I choose these kinds of patterns because it has style and it mean a lot more to me.

All the designs that I have drawed each have meanings. The Fern (Manulua) means bringing two groups and families together. The flower (Taualuga) means a traditional samoan dance. The dance brings other different kinds of cultures together. This is another samoan flower it means that it represents the people that have past away from families. The superman design means representing special people who have saved other people or help them.

Step 1: Get one piece of brown paper bag.
Step 2: Get crayons, pencil and ruler.
Step 3: Find a pattern or design to draw.
Step 4: Use your pencil and ruler to make a frame on the ends.
Step 5: Start drawing you're four patterns or one whole pattern.
Step 6: After drawing all your patterns get your crayons and colour every design or pattern any colour you want.
Step 7:  Then scrunch your paper up to make it look like a real Tapa cloth.
Step 8: Later get brown dye and dye over your drawing.  

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