Friday, November 28, 2014

Future Aspiration

                                          Future Aspiration
It was 8:34 in the morning when I heard that Visitors were coming over to our school so they could talk about their past and their future. I said to myself “ Oh this is going to be another Future Aspiration talk”. It is when special people come over and talk about themselves.

It seemed like everyone was really excited to see them come because there can be very funny people. So when the clock turned to 9:30 am we all packed up ready for them to come. My stomach was feeling funny because I was really happy and excited.

As I was looking at the door waiting for them to come in hmmmm” I wonder what they are going to look like?. Finally one minute later they came walking inside everyone started to clap and clap happily “Wow with excitement I said”.

Mr Burt said a Karakia for us to start the day. Next Mr Patterson introduced the visitors to us but first Mr Burt introduced his best friend Anthony he is one of our students Dad. Then  it was Mr Patterson’s turn to speak he had first introduced a man named Anthony but he is another man, he works at a place where kids have dreams and he helps them to make it come true.

After Anthony Mr Patterson introduced someone else it was a teenager her name was Amelia she is a fashion maker. Lucky last there was another teenager his name was Paula he is a man who goes around the world and talks about stop bullying people and helping other people to face their fears around their enemies.

When they had all talked about themselves we watched a little video where a boy was talking in front of lot’s of visitors. He was a samoan and he was actually good at talking in front of them. What he had said” is that this is what he was praying for but he was a funny boy.

Later the prefects gave each one of the visitors a present and said” On behalf of our school we would like to thank you for taking some of your time off and coming to talk to us and we all clapped happily.

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