Thursday, November 13, 2014

Meeting Robyn Lamont

On Thursday 13 2014 all the year 8’s met Robyn Lamont. She is an artist that loves to draw pictures and add lot’s of other details that could make her painting look realistic.

When Robyn Lamont came into  the intermediate building everyone clapped with excitement and surprise.  All the year 8’s went into class 5 so we could learn more about her life.

Next we went to sit down and get ready to listen more about herself. We all greeted Robin again so she would feel more welcome into Pt England School.  So Robin Lamont told us a little more about herself.

After that Mr Barks gave us each a paper and pencil to draw with. Robyn Lamont showed us one of her famous pictures that she has drawed. It was so filled with bright colours and beautiful patterns.

Everyone followed her drawing steps so we could know how to draw her famous painting.  First we started with the easy bits and then drawed all the hard bits . Her drawing was really integrate to me because all the shapes that she drawed  came together like a realistic painting.

Then we started on our drawing Robyn came to check around to see if  we had done a good job drawing. Robyn went around and told people about their drawings there were really amazing drawings like Robin’s.

But we didn’t have that much time to draw other things. So we stopped and pasted all the pencil’s and papper’s into a pile. As we finished doing that we sat down quietly and then said “ Bye Robyn see you again on friday. We had finished our first lesson with her so we need 2 more lessons with her Yay!

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